Chery Team Joins Space Launch from Baikonur

After covering a distance of 1,400 km in Chery Tiggo 8 PRO MAX, Kazakhstan’s well-known automobile bloggers and influencers could see a rocket launch

We Create Car Industry: Astana Motors Congratulates Machine Builders

The Machine Builder Day is the most important holiday for Astana Motors! The festive events devoted to this day started on September 22 with the annual Kazakhstan Machine Builder Forum, where the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development awarded Honored Machine Builder lapel badges to Kairat Yerezhepov, Deputy Operations Director at Hyundai Trans Almaty, and Alexander Bayer, Head of Painting Shop at Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan.

Car Component Plants in Almaty: Astana Motors Signs Memoranda with Akimat and International Partners

Three memoranda on construction of car component plants were signed within the framework of the Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable (KGIR-2022) in Astana.

Astana Motors Receives Kazakhstan’s Major Employer Award

Astana Motors has been awarded by Kazakhstan’s Government as the country’s major employer. The award was presented to company CEO Beknur Nessipbayev within the framework of the Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable (KGIR-2022) in Astana.

An Autumn Drive: How the Chery Picnic in Shymkent Was

A Chery picnic for Tiggo 7 PRO owners was held in Shymkent on the weekend. The picnic was attended by car lovers from the southern megalopolis, Turkestan region, Taraz, Kyzylorda and Baikonyr.


Haval Motor Kazakhstan, a subsidiary of Astana Motors, holds the first media conference for top managers of the Eurasian division of Great Wall Motor, China attended by Kazakhstan journalists and auto bloggers.


World road cycling champion Yevgeniy Fedorov received a Kazakhstan-made Hyundai Elantra.

Astana Motors ramps up Hyundai production and brings leading brands of auto giants to the domestic market

Astana Motors has Hyundai as a top brand in its portfolio. Astana Motors’ Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan plant in Almaty made 20,680 cars for the domestic market in the past nine months and will produce another 10,000 cars for Kazakhstan buyers by the end of the year. In 2023, Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan plans to make 40,000 cars for the domestic market.

Personal Record: Chinese Chery Has Announced Its Two Thousandth Customer in Kazakhstan

More than two thousand Kazakhstanis have chosen Chery cars. The brand representatives have officially congratulated yet another anniversary customer in Karaganda.

Haval SUVs: a Smart Solution for Business

Having entered Kazakhstan’s market in 2021, Chinese brand HAVAL is gaining ground among both individual car lovers and major companies.

How did Chery become the most popular Chinese car brand in Kazakhstan?

The number of Chinese cars on the roads is massively increasing, and some models have made it into the top 10 best-selling cars in Kazakhstan. Together with Chery, we’ll be looking at the advantages of the sales leader among Chinese car brands in the first eight months of 2022.


Chinese brand Changan has created a “mass production concept car”. Kazakhstanis will be able to check out the technological flagship starting on September 29. The Uni-K was unveiled at Changan Kuldzhinka in Almaty and Terra Motors in Astana on September 28.