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Today it is hard to imagine our life without cars. They are just a means of transportation or a source of income for some people and a passion of the whole life for other people. By reducing distances, cars make our lives more independent and comfortable. They help us spend our leisure time in a variety of ways, giving us a chance to reach the places of our dream…
Our mission:
To be the pioneers, creating & implementing the best ideas for people's lives

Company values






When deciding to buy a new car, we take into account different aspects, such as:
  • price-to-quality ratio,
  • brand awareness,
  • technical characteristics,
  • maintenance service,
  • an alternative to buy a car on credit,
  • and simply the personnel’s helpfulness.
One-third of the official automobile market of the country, the prestigious awards, such as:
“The Choice of the Year” 2009
“The Choice of the Year” 2009
“Perfect” quality mark from the League of Consumers of Kazakhstan
“Perfect” quality mark from the League of Consumers of Kazakhstan
We thank you for your trust to our company and confidence in our potential! It is a great privilege and the highest reward for us.