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Toyota Center Almaty

151 Suyunbay Ave., Almaty

+7 (727) 333 17 71 (automobile sales)
+7 (775) 333 17 78 (service maintenance)
+7 (775) 333 17 73 (spare parts)
Toyota Center Almaty is the first official dealer of Toyota cars in Kazakhstan. In 1995, Toyota Center Almaty received the status of the first authorized service station of Toyota Motor Corporation in Kazakhstan and since that time is a full member of the network of authorized Toyota-TASS service stations in the CIS. Throughout the world, the word “Toyota” is associated with the word “quality”. In Kazakhstan, the word “prestige” can be added to this combination. Being an official dealer, Toyota Center Almaty meets all world standards of Toyota Motor Corporation and strives to satisfy the needs of Toyota car owners in Kazakhstan.
The auto center has a spacious showroom where a model range of cars is presented. Qualified managers will offer any model you need according to your choice.
All Toyota cars are adapted to the conditions of driving in the CIS. All cars are provided with a warranty for a period of three years or 100,000 kilometers. You can choose a model you need directly in the auto center or order from the warehouse.
Maintenance service
Maintenance service
The service center is equipped with 24 work stations, 18 of them are equipped with auto-lifts of the famous German company, Nussbaum; there is a stand for wheel alignment, a tire fitting and balancing station, a device for brake discs boring, and other specialized equipment. Maintenance of your car is carried out by professional mechanics of high qualification, who know the latest technological innovations in the field of servicing Toyota cars, who regularly attend training courses in the training centers. There is a class-room where regular classes followed by certification are held for technical and sales personnel There are special equipment and tools for a qualified and fast service maintenance of your car in the service center. Only original spare parts are used during service maintenance of your car. All spare parts and services are under warranty.
  • chassis repair;
  • wheel alignment;
  • diagnostics of the electrical system with the use of Toyota diagnostics tool;
  • installation of additional equipment and accessories;
  • balancing and replacement of tires;
  • repair of units and components (transfer boxes, reducers);
  • repair of automatic transmission
  • repair of manual transmission;
  • engine overhaul;
  • boring of the engine block and grinding the crankshaft;
  • cleaning of the injection system and replacement of spark plugs;
  • repair of the electrical systems;
  • installation of security systems;
  • auto-body works;
  • paint works;
  • polishing;
  • service of car batteries;
  • tire storage.