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Chery Astana

63 Turan Avenue, Astana Opening hours: from 09:00 to 20:00

Phone numbers for inquiries:
+7 7172 955 559, +7 (778) 746 32 00
The opening of the first Chery dealership in the capital that meets all the standards of the Chinese automaker has become an important event for the city of Astana!
Our dealership is pleased to offer its customers the opportunity to purchase new, technologically advanced Chery crossovers, and to appreciate the high level of after-sales service.
The new auto center offers the capital residents a full range of services related to the purchase and sale of a car and the installation of additional equipment, car loan, trade-in, insurance, sale of original spare parts, warranty and post-warranty car service.
Chery has earned recognition in more than 80 countries and received a number of international awards with its innovative developments, design solutions, and has become the flagship of the Chinese automotive industry.
Chery is the most popular among Chinese car brands in the Russian market, where customer loyalty to the brand is high.
Chery Astana