The brand’s authorized distributor, which is part of Astana Motors, spoke about the new model at a press conference in Almaty.

The CHERY TIGGO 2 is an affordable, practical subcompact crossover. The TIGGO 2 features a stylish and modern design, good mobility, high efficiency and a great level of comfort and safety. The TIGGO 2 comes with a 1.5-liter 109 hp naturally aspirated engine with a CVT which provides the most efficient use of engine power.

The CHERY TIGGO 2 is adapted to the local conditions, with air conditioning and heated front seats fitted as standard on the car. The TIGGO 2 multimedia system can be integrated with Apple CarPlay and QDlink with voice control and a 4-speaker audio system. The car is equipped with central locking, power windows, rear view camera, and parking sensors.

In addition to everyday mobility, the TIGGO 2 gives its owner style, confidence, safety, and economy both in everyday use and at the time of purchase. Sales of the CHERY TIGGO 2 started on July 25th. The model is sold in the Premium configuration only.

The first 300 cars are available at 7 million tenge, then this campaign will apply to the purchase of the car under the Trade in program. A one-color car costs 7.49 million tenge, and a two-color car costs 7.69 million tenge. I would like to note that we managed to offer attractive prices on the Kazakhstani market, although the car is imported from China, and all taxes, duties, and fees are paid for it. We plan to produce the TIGGO 2 model at the new multi-brand plant, Astana Motors Manufacturing Kazakhstan which is currently under construction and due to be launched in 2025. As a result, the cost of this car produced here in Kazakhstan will be lower due to localization,” emphasized Distribution Director Nurlan Shamgonov.

The authorized CHERY distributor, First Motor Group, has been operating in the Kazakhstan market since December 2021. Its dealerships present the entire TIGGO lineup.

“Our sales statistics show that Kazakhstanis like big cars, the impressive 8 PRO and 7 PRO are the best sellers, but the consumer audience on the market is gradually changing. More and more young people are coming, who need a modern, compact, stylish and yet inexpensive model. So we decided to bring the smallest “tiger” to the market. I am sure that its technical qualities and easy handling will win many hearts,” said Nurlan Shamgonov.

You can explore the car, book a test drive, and purchase it at authorized CHERY dealerships all over Kazakhstan.