Satbayev University and Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan Train Professional Mechanical Engineering Personnel

Satbayev Kazakh National Technical University (Satbayev University) opened a training center for the School of Transport Engineering and Logistics named after Mukhamedzhan Tynyshpayev at the Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan automobile plant, a subsidiary of Astana Motors.

The signing of the agreement for establishing the training center and its opening ceremony took place on December 26, 2023, and was attended by the Rector of Satbayev University Meiram Begentaev, Director of Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan Ilya Melnikov, students of Satbayev University, and employees of Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan.

“We have a clear vision of the university as a place where students are trained in practical skills for working at the plant,” said the Rector of Satbayev University, Meiram Begentaev. “We are developing our strategy together with real market players and synchronizing our tasks with both the needs of the plant and the development concept of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Close cooperation with our partner companies allows our students to delve into practice from day one.”

“Don’t choose the university – choose the employer” is the motto of the School of Transport Engineering and Logistics at Satbayev University. The main goal of establishing a training center at the Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan plant is production-oriented personnel training and joint research, the results of which will be introduced into the educational process at the university and the production process at the plant.

“The plant hinges on personnel, our key asset is human capital. We are building plants, deepening the localization of cars and auto components, automating processes at our enterprises, and need professional personnel with technical education. We appreciate our cooperation with the first and largest technical university in the country, Satbayev University; this is a joint contribution to the industrialization of Kazakhstan,” pointed out Beknur Nesipbaev, CEO of Astana Motors. “We see the interest of young Kazakhstanis in making a professional career in the automotive industry and are committed to sharing competencies and practical experience with the new generation of engineers and technical specialists.”

Notably, on August 25, 2023, Satbayev University and Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan signed a memorandum of cooperation to build a personnel pool, train research personnel in the field of mechanical engineering and jointly develop production processes and educational programs.

The memorandum provides for practical training for students and employment of Satbayev University graduates at the Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan plant, internship for university teaching staff at the plant; engaging of Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan employees to teach in the position of Production Professor, advanced training courses and training of company employees on MBA and DBA programs in the transport industry. In particular, in the new academic year, Alua Kayratova, a specialist at the technical control department of Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan, received a grant from Satbayev University for the program “Transport, Transportation Vehicles, and Technologies”.

In 2024, Satbayev University plans to launch the educational program “Production and Service of Motor Vehicles” for undergraduate students. The program will be adapted to the working conditions at the Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan plant, while also following international standards developed by the brand holder (Hyundai Motor Company, Republic of Korea).

To train professional personnel for the booming engineering industry in Kazakhstan, the School of Transport Engineering and Logistics at Satbayev University launched educational programs “Transport Engineering”, “Land Transport, Transportation Vehicles, and Technologies”, “Digital Logistics”, and others. The university also plans to launch the programs “Energy and Power Supply”, “Automation and Control in Transportation (Automation)”, “Transport Construction”.